GreenBuild 2013 to Feature JBJ Soul Homes

McDonald Building Co (MBC) is proud to announce their own JBJ Soul Homes project will be featured through Greenbuild's Regional Tours on November 18th, 2013 2pm.

Kitchen & Associates' Architect Matt Bartner alongside MBC's Paul McDonald, will be onsite to provide first-hand exploration of process, design, and construction of this multi-use complex designed to be LEED Silver.

GreenBuild 2013 is U.S. Green Building Council's international conference & expo dedicated to all things sustainable and renewable in the building industry.  Philadelphia is the host city this year and will attract 30,000 attendees from 90 countries and will feature over 1000 exhibitors.  Next year's 2014 GreenBuild will be hosted in New Orleans, LA.

Update: 12/4/2013


Dozens of attendees from the GreenBuild Conference & Expo hopped on a tour bus November 18th to see first-hand the sustainable projects Philadelphia has been working on.  The bus tour, formally titled "Building Connections, Building Community: Campus Living and Supportive Housing" traveled to Temple University's campus and stopped at Paseo Verde - a LEED ND Platinum housing development and Morgan Residence Hall - new student dormitories.  Temple Gratz II was another stop on the tour (also an MBC project) and lastly, JBJ Soul Homes. 

Tour photos here: